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BT as home

The dialogs shown here might differ from what you see on your devices, but the principle is the same; You should prevent that the BridgeTab can connect to an unintended network and that the players can leave the BridgeTab application.

You are advised to enable BridgeTab as home in the following way in the TD menu.

1. Network
i. Connect to the SAME network name as BridgeTab Admin uses.

ii. Make sure that other networks than the desired are disabled. That is to say, tell the tablet to “forget” all other networks used for e.g. download of the BridgeTab app.

iii. Select Always keep Wi-Fi on during sleep in Settings/WiFi/Advanced.

2. Close other apps
Click on the icon windows (third from the left hand side in the illustration to the right) in the tablet’s toolbar and close everything that is open.

3. BridgeTabs forever
The tablet will become a dedicated BridgeTab when you select “BridgeTab” and “Always”.

4. Cross-check
Test that the third icon from the left (c.f. p. 2 above) does not lead anywhere.

(5. Revert to tablet mode)
You can go back to the BT as home dialog and select “Launcher” and “Just once” if you one day need to reach e.g. the network settings.

We suggest that you prevent update alerts during the game by declining these options in Google’s (or Amazon’s) Play Store. c.f. the memo Prevent auto updates.

You should put labels on the dedicated BridgeTabs to make clear that these tablets are for bridge and nothing else. You will find a template under Downloads at Printed labels (stickers) are available on request.

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