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BT Admin's IP

Different IPs
The BridgeTab has connected to another IP than the server is using in the example shown to the right. (You find the BT Adminís IP in the View menu.)

Note that some IP addresses does not work, e.g. 127... and 169.254...; whereas addresses starting with 192.168... are usually good. There is something wrong with the WiFi router (or its settings) if the network shows up with a phony IP.

You can force the BridgeTab to connect to the serverís IP ( in the example) by clicking the Search button.

WiFI n/a
It will not help to Search for IP so long as the BridgeTab has no connection with any network.

Incorrect network
Select the same network as was used at the start before doing anything else.

BT Adminís IP n/a
The 3 points in the last case should be self-explanatory.

You can type BridgeTab Adminís IP into the BridgeTab.

A digital keyboard is shown at the bottom of the screen when you touch the text box Enter manual IP here.

The network can be very sophisticated in e.g. large hotels and community buildings where subnets and firewalls can prevent the BridgeTabs from connecting, c.f. the communication memo.

Our advice is that you avoid such problems by buying a cheap WiFi router and setting up your own, dedicated network.

You will need Personal Help if you cannot get it right with the aforementioned advice.


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