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Welcome to Duplimate UK
Thank you for visiting our website! We sell and support the Duplimate® and HandyDup® card dealing equipment for bridge and poker to UK Customers.

What is a Duplimate®?
Duplimates® are used all over the world for dealing and duplication of boards for lessons, tournaments and team matches.

Swedish engineering has an outstanding reputation, so it should not come as a surprise that the first Duplimate, built in 1969, is still going strong. We have seen a rapid technological development since then. As is true with computers, a new Duplimate model has been created every second year, one important difference being that the old Duplimates has not become obsolete like old computers. The throughput and the reliability of the current model is impressive. An experienced operator duplicates more than 10 sets of 32 boards per hour. Watch it in operation.

What is a HandyDup®?
HandyDup can do the same things as the top of the line dealing machine but you have to handle the cards manually. It is the ideal solution for clubs with limited budget and also for teachers. It is also good for teams wanting the deals of a match in electronic form (for analysis/replay) and for a par-scored duplicate at home (from one table and up). The HandyDup comes with the same comprehensive software package as the Duplimate.Watch it in operation

Contact Info
Duplimate UK is managed by David Stead, who is always eager to consider your requests and to get your feedback. Click here to email David.