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Playing Cards
Top quality Duplimate cards do not cost more when the higher quality, and hence longer life, is taken into account. c.f. examples of TCO calculation.

No Speed Limit
The mechanical speed of the Duplimate - 10 cards per second - is indeed impressive. But more important is that the Duplimate is designed to give you maximum output year after year. See the Duplimate in action (video)

The Boards
You can use any type of boards, but for maximum speed and security we recommend the Duplimate board. The Duplimate board saves time and eliminates the risk that hands are misplaced. They are easy to use for the operator (the board opens and closes easily) and they stack nicely. You do not need to worry about boards out of sequence if you use the ( optional) sticker on the back.

The Computer
The Duplimate is delivered complete with a very comprehensive, yet easy to use software pack containing everything you could possibly need. You are advised to try the software before you commit to anything,

The deals
What can be dealt, can be duplimated. The Duplimate software gives you the following possibilities:
i. Random dealing (tournaments) by a superior algorithm
ii. Duplication of hand shuffled decks.
iii. Reading of played hands (useful if you want hand records after a team match)
iv. Custom made hands (for classes)
v. Restricted dealing (e.g. 1 NT opening throughout)
vi. Import/export to/from a large number of deal file formats.

The deals are sealed by default. That is to say, they can be duplicated in a public place and/or by a player.

The machine cross-checks the output. That is to say, if the computer tells you that a duplicate is OK, it is OK. And, if an error is detected, the Duplimate tells you what went wrong. For example that it has found no spade nine, or that two spade nines were found.

The duplimating procedure
Depending on how your boards are organized, you can set the machine to make e.g. 1-32 ten times. Or you can set it to make 10 copies of deal no. 1, before switching to deal no. 2. In either case you will end up with ten double-checked sets 1-32. Once you have the software set in the same way as the boards, you only have to feed in decks and take out duplicates. If a duplicating error is reported, the duplicate will automatically be rejected and replaced by a correct one. That is to say, you do not have to worry about the dealing.

All the options
The Duplimate software is either directly, or indirectly (via tools that are included in the package), compatible with most bridge-related software. If there is a limit to what you can do, it is set by your imagination.

Not convinced?
When you consider investing in a Duplimate, you should NOT ask yourself: Do we really need such an expensive machine to prepare two sets of 32 boards twice a week? It is not mechanisation of old routines that makes duplimation interesting; it is the new possibilities. An obvious advantage with a dealing machine is that everybody can play all boards. This is a basic requirement for a fair tournament. Manual pre-duplication is error prone and time consuming, and it prevents the players from playing all boards.

Hand Records
Another advantage is that you can provide hand records with the optimum contracts calculated. This will make the post-mortem more interesting (and it will gradually improve the playing standard). But please do not stop there, think somewhat further! Why not try a barometer once in a while? Or a Swiss pairs for a change? Simultaneous tournaments will make you popular too, especially if you score across the field. And once you have got a Duplimate, it will only be a matter of time before you start duplicating for teams...

The Duplimate/HandyDup is ideally used with electronic scorers. The deals and scores are automatically combined if you use BridgeTabs for scoring.The system is compatible (but not automatic) with other scoring devices.

Web publishing
Excellent, web based results service is automatic if you use the scoring part of the BOS. This is complimentary for Duplimate customers. Please see Web Publish for more information.

Lessons and replaying tournament hands
If you do classes, you will not understand how you could manage in the old days. You will make one duplicate per table painlessly, and you will comment on bidding and play while “vugraphing” the deals. Your ambitious pupils will re-play the deals at home on a play software, or play them via the Internet, etc, etc. We see no end to your possibilities. Again, the trick is to imagine what new services you could offer. You could for instance stage a World Championship heat. That is to say, you could download deals and results from the Internet and match your skills with the stars', only hours after they have finished their game.

The Duplimate is easy to transport in the aluminium carrying case that it comes in. The HandyDup is even easier to transport as it is in pocket size.

A Duplimate is an expensive piece of equipment, but we do our best to keep the price down. The cost  for superior player service is not as high as you might first think per table and session, however. We encourage you to make your own Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation to calculate the cost. Some examples of TCO can be downloaded here.

You will find that the long lifetime of the machine makes the cost per board negligible. You find the current prices in the Duplimate UK price list, but we suggest that you click here to email David Stead for more specific information and a quote. Please include the word Duplimate in the subject of your email so your message doesn't meet an untimely end in the SPAM folder! Alternatively you can call, or send a letter, see Contact us for details.

More info
See the info page for more information and downloads