After purchase

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One Year Satisfaction Guarantee
You may return the Duplimate® for a full refund of the purchase price, less documented shipping costs, within a year of your purchase.

60 months standard warranty
The five years warranty covers repair and replacement of any faulty parts, or manufacturing failure. There are no requirements of (paid for) maintenance. See further “the small print”.

Free Support
Free consultation and instructions are available from Duplimate UK or by email from Duplimate support.

You also get a Service Pass with the machine that gives you the possibility to send it for inspection and cleaning/service as often as you like.

In Person Service
On-site service calls may be arranged in some areas of the UK, or in person at various tournaments. No one is guaranteed immediate on-site service, but we do our best to satisfy our Duplimate® customers.

Ten Year Parts Availability
Parts are guaranteed to be available for at least ten years after purchase of a new machine.

High second hand value
The Duplimate´s durability makes it easy to trade in, or sell second hand, also after many years usage. The very first Duplimate, built in 1969 is still operational and there are many 20+ years old Duplimates in daily use in the UK.