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This screen is for East (or West) to agree on the result by pressing “Yes”.

“No” means that the result has to be entered [again] from scratch.

Mistakes should be corrected as soon as you spot them and at the very latest before the end of the round.

BridgeTabs offer several convenient methods to change incorrect entries, see a separate page for details.

Inconsistent lead
You need to check what is wrong if the inconsistent lead message is displayed. Normally the lead has been incorrectly entered but it could also be that the declarer is wrong or you do not have the correct deal in front of you.

Note that you need to click on the declarer button to amend the lead.

Other problem
The last message to the right indicates that there is an unspecified problem with the result and that you need to submit it again.

There is probably a range problem  if the feedback does not show up at once. This is so because each result has to be communicated to the control program, and compared with the other results on the board, before you can will see any feedback.

You can point the tablet to the WiFi transmitter, or bring it closer, if it is important for you to see the feedback, otherwise skip it.

BridgeTab can crash if something goes very wrong when you submit the just entered result. BridgeTab will go to the Start screen from where you need to resume and re-enter the last result.

TD notice
There is no need to panick if there is no feedback!

That is to say, the problem can safely be disregarded. See a separate page if you want to fix the problem right away.

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