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No feedback

Instant feedback requires functional communication with the control program. A network icon shows if there is communication or not.
Green = OK (provided that the game has not been stopped in BridgeScorer Control, or that this program is closed.)
Red (crossed over) = Tablet not connected to any network.
Red (with ?-mark) = Connected to another network than at the first start.
Orange = BridgeTab Admin not detected

You need not panic if there is no feedback, i.e. no communication. All results entered on the BridgeTab are saved and transmitted automatically in the background once communication has been reestablished. (The worst case scenario is that you have to type in the results from the TD menu/Results afterwards.)

The warning that appears when there is no feedback tells where in the chain tabletop - WiFi network - BridgeTab Admin - BridgeScorer Control the problem is.

WiFi n/a
Check that the WiFi network shows a good enough signal in Androidís Settings.

Incorrect network
The tablet has connected to another network than the network used at the start.
i. Go to Androidís WiFi Settings and ďForgetĒ all undesired networks, c.f. the setup instruction.
ii. Connect the tablet to the SAME network as the PC is using.

Check that:
i. BT Admin is running
ii. The PC is connected to the same WiFi network as at the start.
iii. The BridgeTab has connected to the IP that BT Admin shows, c.f.
BT Adminís IP.
iv. Restart Scoring from BOS if the aforementioned does not help.

Feedback n/a
Check that the control program has not stopped, and that the button in the control programís upper right corner shows red and Stop (and not green and Start), if all tables complain about missing feedback.

There is nothing wrong with the communication settings if the control program is running; but the signal might be weak.

Tell the players to point the tabletop in the direction of the WiFi transmitter when results are confirmed.

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