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Settings like language, light, sound etc. are set in the Tablet’s Settings. That is to say, you have to leave the BridgeTab app momentarily if you want to set, or change, such settings.

The names that are on file in BridgeTab Admin are downloaded to the BridgeTab when you click this button. How to get the names into BT Admin is explained on a separate page.

It is only needed to load names if the names contain other characters than standard Western. Otherwise it is recommended, but not really needed, to download the names. The names are saved in the BridgeTabs internal database.

Check that the text “Names added to database” shows that names are loaded. There is a communication problem if they do not, c.f. the log on warnings.

Shortcut to the TD menu. Note that the default TD PIN ALWAYS works before game start.

Dummy mode is used without connection to the PC as therefore useful for training purposes. Click “Tournament mode” in the Settings menu, or “Exit Dummu Mode” on the Start screen, to leave the Dummy mode. The settings for dummy mode are explained on a separate page,

Use this option if your opinion about what should be “up” differs from the maker of the hardware.

The Network button lead you to Android Settings dialog. This option is needed to set the network that the BridgeTab shall connect to. The network must be the same as the BridgeTab Admin uses.

The lower the value (in ms) the bigger risk that the tablet does not connect (or get feedback).
   The higher value you set the longer wait there will be before it gives up to communicate.
   The recommendation is that you should increase the time out to the extent that you get feedback most of the time.

Note that each table can have its own time out. You should increase the time out only at the tables where the communication is shaky.

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