Game settings

The factory defaults are as shown in the illustration. You can change the settings that appear at start via the Default Settings dialog that is found in the Systems menu.

You should tick the desired alternatives BEFORE start. This is so because it is much easier to reduce the number of actions that the players shall perform during play than the other way around.

The tabletop units will display four players instead of two pairs.

TD PIN: The code required to reach the tabletop units hidden menu.


PIN codes:
The players are prompted to enter a PIN code at the start that is later on required when the results are re-confirmed.

Player ID: The players enter a number (typically their member number) at start. Their entries will be immediately validated so that the players themselves can correct their mistakes, provided that Player Names have been loaded into the system.

Lead: The players are asked to enter the first lead.

Bidding: The  bidding is entered bid by bid. Note that this option requires an additional licence.

Deal: The players are prompted to enter the deals.

Reconfirmation: EWs reconfirmation (on a separate screen) can safely be disabled if you Permit players to change results, see the right hand side column.


Show names
means that the entered IDs will be substituteed with player names (if available).

Show names should be ticked when names are used in the system.

It should be noted that the BridgeTabs have capacity to hold million names and that the names will appear in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. provided that the BridgeTabs have been loaded with such names.

Rotate compass directions rotates the compass so that North is shown at the lower part of the screen instead of the top.

Points related to declarer is an alternative to NS plus and minus points respectively.


Total number of tricks

4 hearts with an overtrick = 11 tricks

Down 2 = 8 tricks

Just made = 10 tricks+ / - /

= (Eur standard)
4 hearts with an overtrick is reported as +1

down two is -2

just made is =

Tricks made/minus tricks (US std)

4  hearts with an overtrick = 5 tricks. 

down two = 2 undertricks

just made = 4 tricks.

Note that changes (e.g. rulings) entered in the scoring program will not be considered.

MP: Feedback given at the table will be based on matchpoints.

IMP: Feedback at the table will be a percentage based on IMPs. The calculation method is explained in detail in a separate memo.

Across the field: Frequencies and ranking given at the table will be based on the results from all sections.


Give feedback
activates/disables the following choices:

Traveler/frequencies: The results are presented in traveler form so long as there are few results on the board.

Traveller: The results from the own section are displayed as a list in traveler form.

Show deal presents the deal of each reported deal.

Include makable displays the trick potential of the just played deal both as makable contracts and the optimum contract with its results.

Show round summary: The players will see a summary of their results at the end of the round when this option is ticked.Permit players to change results: The players are permitted to change the results that show in the round summary.

Show go to info: The tabletop units tell the players where to play in the next round.

Show ranking: A provisional ranking list is shown at the end of the round.

Only top 10 cuts the list down to the first 10.

Recap at the end: The players can watch their personal recap at the end.

Web Publish: The deals and (if available), the scores and rankings are displayed on automatically generated web pages.

One, or several of these tickboxes can be ticked if you want to mix BridgeTabs with other tabletop units on the tables.

Save: Saves the settings and starts the base station if BridgeScorer is ticked.


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