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Welcome to Duplimate Australia
Thank you for visiting our website! We sell and support the BridgeTab(TM) scoring system as well as the BridgeSorter(TM), Duplimate® and HandyDup® card dealing machines.

What is a BridgeTabs(TM)?
BridgeTabs is a tablet based scoring system that works without Internet connection. It gives extraordinary good value for money because standard hardware is used. Watch the video (click on the image), see for details and try it for free.

What is a Duplimate®?
Duplimate® is the most reliable and cost efficient of all dealing machines.

Duplimates® are used all over the world for preparing lessons, club sessions, and tournament play. Swedish engineering has an outstanding reputation, so it should not come as a surprise that the first Duplimate, built in 1969, is still going strong.

There are no fouled boards thanks to barcode recognition of both cards and board numbers.

The Duplimate comes with a very comprehensive software package covering everything from creating deals to complimentary results pages on the Internet that you are welcome to try before purchase.

The new MkV’ (prim) is an extremely sturdy piece of equipment that will serve you long without any [paid for] service requirements. The speed of 10 cards/sec is impressive but more important for busy users is that it gives high throughput day after day, year after year. Duplimates indeed make life easier for club owners and tournament organizers alike. Watch this work horse in action.

What is a Bridgesorter®?
A Bridgesorter is in principle a Duplimate that does not require barcoded cards. Watch it in action.

What is a HandyDup®?
A HandyDup (see picture at the bottom of the page) is a Duplimate without motor. That is to say, your fingers have to do the work that the motor does in a Duplimate, see further the video. This slows down the process, of course. But a HandyDup costs only 1/10 of a Duplimate and a handy operator can duplicate a set in half an hour. The HandyDup is therefore a good choice for:
- Clubs/teachers not finding a Duplimate worthwhile.
- Teams (dealing at the table) wanting to have interesting deals in the PC for post mortem analysis.
- Playing/replaying tournament deals at home.

The HandyDup comes with the same comprehensive software package for dealing, analysing, printing, etc, as the Duplimate. You can watch the HandyDup in action, and download the software here.

Contact Info
Duplimate Australia is managed by Eric Lam. We are always anxious to consider your requests and to get your feedback. Click here to let us know how we are doing!