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Before purchase

Our dealing machines come with a comprehensive, yet easy to use software package containing everything you wanted. And the software can be extended by yourself whenever needed. If there is a limit to what you can do, it is set by your imagination. We recommend that you download and try the software before you commit to anything.

The deals
Anything that can be dealt, can be duplimated. The software gives you the following possibilities:
i. Random dealing (tournaments)
ii. Previously dealt hands
iii. Edited hands (classes)
iv. Restricted dealing (e.g. 1 NT opening throughout)
v. Reading of hand-dealt boards
vi. Import/export of deals to/from a wide range of formats
vii. Vugraph presentation
viii. Double dummy analysis
ix. Many print options and easy to tailor make your own layout(s)
x. Complimentary web site with automatic publication of deals and results.

The deals are sealed by default. That is to say, the deals can be duplicated by somebody who will play them or when duplication takes place in a public area. A big advantage with or software package is that the correct deals come up automatically in all programs.

The machine cross-checks the output. That is to say, if the computer tells you that a duplicate is OK, it is OK. And the software tells you what went wrong if an error is detected. For example that it has found no spade nine, or that it has found two spade nines (and where to find the extra nine).

The dealing procedure
Depending on how your boards are organized, you can set the machine to make e.g. 1-32 ten times. Or you can set it to make 10 copies of deal no. 1, before switching to deal no. 2. In either case you will end up with ten double-checked sets 1-32. Once you have the software set in the same way as the boards, you only have to feed in decks and take out duplicates. If a duplicating error is reported, the duplicate will automatically be rejected and replaced by a correct one. That is to say, you do not have to worry about the dealing.

Our dealing machines come with extra ordinary warranties, c.f. the small print.

Price vs cost
You get what you pay for. The BridgeSorter and Duplimate are not cheap, but we do our best to keep prices down, see price list, and we are happy to send you a quote. Note that HandyDup is a budget alternative.

Price is not the same thing as cost. We recommend you take the high throughput, the generous warranties and that there are no running costs for service into account when you make your total cost of ownership calculation. You find examples that you can use as a template at

More info
Click here to email Eric Lam for more specific information and/or a quote. Alternatively you can call, or send a letter, see further Contact us. You may also contact the Help desk, about pure technical questions.