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After purchase


Duplimate Mk VI
Video instruction Duplimate Mk VI
Quick start guide Duplimate Mk VI
Manual Mk VI

Duplimate Mk V
-Quick start guide Duplimate Mk V
-Quick start video Mk V
-Manual Mk V

BridgeSorter Mk IV
Video instruction BridgeSorter
Quick start guide BridgeSorter
Manual BridgeSorter

Click on the ?-mark button in the situation where you need advise and the relevant help page will be displayed. It is also possible to access the help pages here.

More instructions
You find more instructions and useful links in the Duplimapp library.

Free Support
Free consultation and instructions are available from Duplimate Australia, or by email from the support center.

You may return your BridgeSorter or Duplimate for full refund of what you paid for it within 12 months of purchase in the unlikely event that you would regret your choice.

5(!) Years Mechanical Guarantee
The guarantee covers faulty parts and manufacturing in five years time. See further the small print.

10 Years Parts Guarantee
Parts are guaranteed to be available for at least ten years after purchase of a new machine.