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We sell and support Duplimate®, BridgeSorter® and HandyDup® dealing machines; as well as the BridgeTab® scoring system. We also supply bridge boards & high quality playing cards and much more.

Duplimate® is the most reliable and cost efficient of all dealing machines. Duplimates® are used all over the world for preparing lessons, club sessions, and tournament play.

No need for computer
The Mk VI is self propelling; everything from deal generating to creating hand records is made by the machine. You simply use your usual device, be that your phone, tablet or computer, to steer the process. You can watch the short promo video to get an idea how it works.

There are no fouled boards thanks to barcode recognition of both cards and board numbers. The speed of 10 cards/sec is impressive but more important for busy users is that it gives high throughput day after day, year after year. Watch it in action.

Swedish engineering has an outstanding reputation, so it should not come as a surprise that the first Duplimate, built in 1969, is still going strong. We guarantee that your Duplimate will operate at least ten years and are so sure that you will be happy with it that we offer 12 months money back warranty.

A Bridgesorter is in principle a Duplimate that does not require barcoded cards. Watch it in action.

The machines come in a very sturdy and durable carrying case with everything you need to set it up.

A HandyDup (see picture to the right) is a Duplimate without motor. That is to say, you have to move the cards by hand.

The HandyDup comes with a comprehensive software package for dealing, analysing, printing, etc. You can watch the HandyDup in action, and download the software here.

HandyDup is a good choice for:
- Clubs/teachers not finding a Duplimate worthwhile.
- Teams (shuffling and dealing at the table) wanting to have handrecords and the possibility to bring up interesting deals in the PC for post mortem analysis.
- Playing/replaying tournament deals at home.

BridgeTabs is a scoring system using tablets by which the tables communicate the results to the director's PC. This gives extraordinary good value for money because standard hardware is used. The screen will be as big as the tablet that you to choose. But all players at the table can read the results easily also with inexpensive 7" tablets.

This scoring system works without Internet connection. You only need an internal wifi network. Watch the video (click on the illustration to the right), see for details and try it for free.

Boards are available in 9 colours. Our boards are easy to open. This is very important to those operating a dealing machine. The optional board number barcode on the back of boards prevents that the boards are duplicated in the wrong order.

We stock durable non-slippery barcoded cards which suits all types of dealing machines on the market. There are also other options available such as 100% plastic cards.

Here is the price list for the card dealing machines, bridge boards and barcoded cards. We can, on request, provide all products that you find at

Duplimate Australia is managed by Eric Lam who is based in Sydney. Please contact Eric by email sales@duplimate,com or give him a call at (+61) 0405 354 283 anytime.