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Enter deal

You can use the Skip button if you for some reason do not want to enter the deal.

The enter deal function is intuitive. You start with North’s 13 cards; first the suit and then the rank of the cards in the selected suit.





The program will help you to spot and correct the usual mistakes.

Too few cards
It is not possible to enter a hand with fewer than 12 cards (you will find no forward button).

Too many cards
The forward button will also disappear if you make the mistake to enter more than 13 cards. You simply de-select cards that you want to remove.




Wrong cards
You will be helped by the fact that cards are removed from the deck once they have been entered. This means that there will always be 13 cards left for the last hand. You are advised to check that the last hand has the correct cards before you press the forward button.

You have to go back and correct the mistake in a previous hand if the last hand would not contain the right cards. That is to say, you first use the back arrow and replace the card that does not belong in the previously entered hand. Then you complete the deal by confirming the last hand.

You need to use the command Export deals that you find in the control programs (BSC) File menu to get any use of the entered deals.

DupSoft will read the exported deals. All you need to do in DupSoft is to run Makable all deals (Alt + M).

Import deals
Your next step should be to Import deals (File menu) in BSC. This is needed to make the deals available both at the tables and for the TD in BSC.

Correcting deals
You can correct a faulty (or fouled) deal anytime by using DupSoft’s Edit mode. You should run Makable before you import the amended deals.



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