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World of Transfers

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In competitive bidding you are often short of bids to express all the necessary information. Transfers are a remedy to this problem. An advantage of a transfer bid by responder after an intervention, is that the opener can become declarer. With a weak hand, responder may pass after partner has accepted the transfer. He may also invite or force to game. There are other advantages, which are described in the book. These are the main topics:

Transfers after a one-level overcall

Transfers after a Michaels cue bid

Transfers after partner's overcall followed by a one-level response

Peculiar transfer to 1NT

Transfers after partner's 1NT opening is overcalled

Transfers after 1♣/♢ openings and an opponent's overcall showing both majors

Defence against a preemptive 3♣ opening

Defence against a preemptive 3♡ opening


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