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Practical Aspect of Declarer Play

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The aspects are:
1. Analysis of the opening lead in the light of the information gained during the bidding. The speed of the opening lead, e.g. that an automatic opening lead with a king indicates king-queen, or doubleton.

2. Length signals. Players interested in the theory of bridge often argue about the usage of length signals. Many devotees say, that defenders have to signal precisely to keep out of simple mistakes and to make defense easy. They argue, that few declarers pay attention to their signals and even fewer of them believe in defenders discards when they declare. Professional pairs select the middle course.

3. Reaction of opponents. Intuition. Why do cats always land on four paws? Why we blink our eyes? How come we breathe even asleep? All those activities are driven by automatic reactions, so called reflexes.

4. Camouflage. Machiavelli said " People - in general - base their judgement on what they see, only a few notice the hidden details. Till now the necessity of camouflage has been disregarded by bridge players. Groundlessly.

5. Table presence. The genuine masters (experts) relies on experience, ability of concentration, imagination and:

  • perception ( including sub-threshold).
  • noticing and apprehension.
  • attention and impression.


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