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Owl, Fox, and Spider

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"Owl, fox and spider"
You are the wise owl already,
If you are alert as a fly
Strong as a tiger
Sly as a spider
Cunning as a fox
You’ll have to go and see your vet
Cause you might have turned calf at this point.

The Fox and Crow
The Crow with laden beak the tree retires,
The Fox to gett her prey her forme admires,
While she to show her gratitude not small,
Offering to give her thanks, her prize lets fall.

                                     Thomas Philipot

Everyone is afraid of spiders and scorpions! They are terrifying because they have many legs, move fast and are venomous. We must not forget, however, that they can be beneficial too: they eat the worms and insects that destroy crops. Spiders create sticky threads to make webs, which they use to entrap insects. They then kill their prey with venom and consume them.


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