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De Luxe timer instructions

A timers-cycle consists of the following three time elements:

  1. The total time for play.
  2. Alarm signal x minutes before the end of the total time
  3. Changing time (or penalty time)

Press the UP or DOWN button to change the time for a period. The timing cycle is started by pressing the START button when the three above mentioned time elements are set.

If you need to restart the timing cycle, you can press the STOP button twice.

If you want to make a pause, you can push the STOP button at the beginning of the pause and the START button when play is to be started again.

If you like to adjust the volume, hold (press) the DOWN button until SP (for speaker) appears on the display. Choose 0, 1, 2 or 3 (max volume) with the UP and DOWN buttons and confirm your choice with the PROG button.

Special functions

Several alarms
You can program up to four alarms. If you, after setting the first alarm, want another alarm, just push the START button (instead of the PROG button).

Smoking rounds
If you permit smoking in certain rounds, you can change the timer to the smoking round-mode by pushing the UP button 3 seconds.

Clear all
You can revert to the factory default values by pushing the PROG button when connecting the timer to the power outlet.

Flowchart - all functions
Flowchart - basic functions

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