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Classic is good for permanent usage. You should buy special storing devices, if you need to store/transport these boxes.

Classic bidding box Classic coffee

Classic is available in red and coffee-colour. Clip-on or screwed-on plate at the edge (see pictures).

Storage of Classic

The Trolley (to the right) can hold up to 80 Classic Bidding Boxes.

The Bidding Box Rack (below) is ideal for storing screwed (or clipped) on classic Bidding Boxes.

The rack can hold Bidding Boxes with cards for up to four tables. The rack fits into a normal cabinet. You can put one rack on top of another with a special adapter (optional).

Article code
Colour/Type English French German
Coffee (screw-on, short bar) 1004E 1004F* 1004G*
Coffee (screw-on, long bar) 1001E 1001F* 1001G*
Red (screw-on, short bar) 1003E 1003F* 1003G*
Red (screw-on, long bar) 1000E 1000F* 1000G*
Coffee (Super-clip) 1122E 1122F* 1122G*
Red (Super-clip) 1120E 1120F* 1120G*
Bidding box rack 1020 1020 1020
Bidding box trolley BV1 BV1 BV1
*Available with Neo instead of Classic cards.

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