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We make too many mistakes in defence. But even champions make mistakes.

I often hear the question: "How can I avoid the simple ones?" Simple mistakes often result from lack of concentration. There is a simple remedy for that: there are various techniques that can improve your concentration.

Another reason is sheer laziness. We make a superficial judgement relying on our own routine and reflexes. We play like a calf; that is, a slow, awkward, ineffective player dependent on thoughtless routine. How can we eliminate this bad habit? We have to force our minds to continuous mental effort. At the beginning, it will require a considerable effort. After some time, the mental effort will become automatic. In Calf I describe 60 defensive problems, in which all calf-like reactions are assigned to myself. It is a very fair deal, since the reader should be very satisfied if he finds a better solution than the author.


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