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In 1939 Eric Jannersten started Bridgetidningen, the world's second oldest continuously published bridge magazine (after The Bridge World - The Bridge Magazine was the first published, but it was discontinued during WW II). Jannersten also published some textbooks in Swedish based on the Culbertson system. Linked to the publishing house was, and is, a bridge academy, Bridgeakademin, which has taught the game to more than 200,000 pupils.

Jannersten Forlag is not only the world's first-established retailer of bridge supplies. Jannersten is also the world's leading manufacturer and wholesaler of equipment for tournament bridge. Virtually all equipment at  international championships come from Jannersten.

Jannersten Forlag is a triple-A company.

About our products

We do not show all our products here, but almost all products are shown in the Supermarket. If you do not find what you want there, you are advised to inquire by email.

Jannersten's trademarks:

  • Autobridge (Nordic countries)
  • Bidding Boxes
  • Bridge Butler
  • Bridge Scorer
  • BridgeSorter
  • BridgeTab
  • Duplimate
  • HandyDup
  • Scealer
  • Solobridge
  • Super Plus
  • Tops
  • About how to find

    You can use the search function on this home page or the more comprehensive search tool on the Supermarket. In the Supermarket you can search on Description, Category and/or Article code. You can, alternatively (but not recommended), leave all fields blank and you will have a list of all products.

    About news

    You find newsletters on new products at www.jannersten.com/pdf/newsletters/

    About Duplimate and HandyDup

    Duplimate/HandyDup (card dealing machines) and related products have their own sites.

    About prices

    Everybody can place orders according to the Export Price List. Retailers can use the Supermarket where the prices are considerably lower - especially for items sold at bulk rate. If you intend to buy larger quantities than those mentioned in the Supermarket's bulk rates. You are advised to ask for a quote.

    About orders

    You can use either of the following methods: Order form (Export Price list applies), Supermarket (prices as shown on the screen), or you can send an e-mail and ask for a quote. Note that orders that come in via the Supermarket are honoured by the lowest available rates. We may, when we judge that it is to your advantage, redirect your orders to one of our retailers.

    About scoring

    BridgeScorer and BridgeTab have their own sites, www.bridge-scorer.com and www.bridgetab.com respectively.

    About Terms of Trade, Licences, Warranties, etc

    Jannersten's general Terms of Trade and rules for software licences, warranties, etc. are published in a separate document. Note that there might be specific terms and rules for certain products that you can find via the pages describing the products in question.

    Addresses etc.

    bridge@jannersten.com (general)
    and direct mail addresses written on the form             <first name>@jannersten.com
    Fax: +46 18 52 13 03    Phone: +46 18 52 13 00


    info@bridge-scorer.com for info on table top terminals.
    support@bridge-scorer.com for support on ditto.


    support@duplimate.com for support on Duplimate and HandyDup products.


    Bank accounts, etc.: http://www.jannersten.com/html/paymentinfo.html

    Payment by credit card

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    Jannersten Förlag AB
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