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BridgeTab Admin is in control of the data flow between the tables (the BridgeTabs) and the BridgeScorer Control. The BT Admin is started by the BOS when you click on the Scoring button in the BOS' main user interface and it must be running during the entire session. That is to say, you cannot let the PC go to sleep (or the communication with the tables will be lost). So remember that there are at least three programs that should run on the PC:

  • BOS
  • BT Admin
  • BridgeScorer Control.

You can open the BridgeTab Admin dialog via BOSí BridgeTab Admin button. Or, when the BridgeTab server is running, bring up the minimized BridgeTab Admin window whenever you need to add/renew licences, solve a communication problem, or load names into the BridgeTab's internal database.

BT Admins dialogs are explained on a separate page.

The BridgeTab server governs how many tablets you can have connected at the same time. You can have a free 15 tables for 30 days licence to start with and you can later on augment that number when needed.

All licences (except Demo) need to be activated.

Automatic activation
You can click the green Activate licences button to activate all your licences if your computer is online.

Manual activation
You have to paste the entire activation code (including <<...>>) into the lower field in the dialog below if your scoring PC cannot be connected to the Internet.

The Buy & Renew function is explained in detail on a separate page.

You can use the List function (reached via the Index link in the left hand side margin) if the Seach function at the bottom of the pages would not work. (The Search function requires Internet.)

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