Dealing machine for all kinds of cards
The BridgeSorter is a sorting machine for dealing and duplication of bridge sized cards (barcodes not required).

There is no need for you to insert the boards in a particular order as the BridgeSorter detects the number of the inserted board automatically.

You will get a very comprehensive software package with the BridgeSorter with top class functions for random dealing, creating deals, analysis, awesome handrecords and much more.

BridgeSorter is made in the Netherlands, which ensures top quality. It is built in stainless steel that gives it long life.

The BridgeSorter comes with a generous five years warranty. We also give you a unique 12 months “no excuse” warranty. That is to say, you can claim your money back if you would not be content.

In summary it is a fast and reliable machine for a good price. c.f. the video.

Excerpt from EBL European Winter Games Bulletin

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